Winner Dulwa

Winner Dulwa

Winner Dulwa

            Dulwa translated as traveler in English, is a digital travelogue about Nepal based on User Generated Content. They want to empower the backpackers/low-budget travelers to earn/save cash through their travel by booking packages from various travel agencies through us and submitting their work (pictures, videos, articles) after they return from travel.

Claiming unexplored tourist destination of Nepal as their main area of impact Dulwa focused their SDG’s under

  1. Good Health and Well Being
  2. Decent Work and Economic Growth
  3. Industry, Innovation
  4. Sustainable Cities
  5. Partnerships for the Goals;

for providing platform to travel photographers and writer’s community of Nepal where they could sell their work or even earn as they travel through their words and pictures.

Dulwa revealed the uprising problem of unemployment for travel photographers and writers even when Nepal is naturally gifted with so many travel destinations, some of which are yet to be explored. Additionally, this problem hinted at the much bigger issue of proper digital presence in today’s Digital world. Hence, Dulwa addressed this problem via their website to act as a free information providing platform.

Specifically, is a digital platform with a potential to promote Nepal in a market of 3 billion internet users. Furthermore they say that, “Gathering contents solely out of experiences from fellow travelers and photographers and paying them back would not only reduce the travel cost of them but at the same time provide real, authentic information about Nepal, thus making Dulwa a trustworthy site to look up to if anyone is willing to plan their next trip to Nepal”.

Team Members

Nipun Shakya (Founder)

Rupendra Kayastha (Co-founder)

Sarita Adhikari (Co-founder)

Dr. Shraddha Adhikari (Medical Expert)

Aasma Shrestha (Finance Manager)



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