Nepal’s Social Business Internship 2019

Nepal Social Business Internship

Nepal’s Social Business Internship 2019

Nepal’s Social Business Internship 2019

Nine students from National Central University, Taiwan from various departments are in Nepal for Nepal Social Business Internship 2019, one of the programs of Yunus Social Business Centre’s, King’s College (YSBC). National Social Business Internship is a joint program felicitated by Yunus Social Business Centre, National Central University, Taiwan and Yunus Social Business Centre’s, King’s College.  . It is designed to spread the idea and exposure of Social Entrepreneurship among Nepalese as well as international students. The students, set with milestones, work in different designated social ventures as well in the Yunus Business Social Centre, King’s College. They meet the compliance of the designated venture in order to succeed their internship for duration of two weeks. The Centre works in creating an opportunity for students to apply their skills in development of the social Enterprise. It started from 19th January and ends on 1st February

The students will be working in Kathmandu based ventures: Bihani Social Ventures and Play Nepal. At these ventures, Taiwanese interns will work on online presence social media outlets as well as the website. Along with that, they will also assist other members of the organization in designing posters and promotional materials. Yunus Social Business Centre’s, King’s College will play the role supervisor to make sure that the students learned all aspects of social business. Also, the students will be working on identifying problems that the ventures are facing and designing frameworks of solutions

Bihani Social Venture is the pioneer and the only social enterprise working in the field of ageing in Nepal to create a positive outlook to live a meaningful life. They provide a platform for the elders in our community to strengthen their purpose and fulfillment by sharing prior experiences, learning intergenerational, and engaging impactful with the impactful community focusing on individuals who want to re-engage, re–explore and re–live, a rewarding second half of their lives. Play Nepal is an all-star team of young, fun, energetic athletes committed to helping every child thrive engages kids aged 7-14 in games. It promotes healthy mind and body through sports.

Apart from designated ventures, students will also be visiting Phool Maya Tamang, an epitome of social enterprises. Phool Maya Tamang, a social entrepreneur, exemplary for the Nepalese women across the country for her contribution to the society.  Despite belonging from disadvantaged family and community-where girls are uneducated, restricted to household chores and allowed to work only in the fields making them solely economically dependent on their counterparts, she decided to bring change in her village. She started a cooperative with 20 women with the money collected through agriculture and households. The saving of the cooperative has been used for buffalo husbandry, agriculture, and education.  She has also helped set up about 100 houses during the earthquake. She also started Bhattidanda Homestay which directly purchases fruits, vegetables and dairy products from the farmers making them self-sufficient, educated and financially stable.



Nepal Social Business Internship is an annual internship program of YSBC, King’s College and YSBC, National Central University for the duration of two weeks. It is to be continued for five years. In 2017, students from National Central University, Taiwan completed their internship which was held from December 9 to 23.


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