Initial Selection Round Completed

Initial Selection Round Completed

The first selection round of National Social Business Challenge was held successfully on July 1, 2019 at King’s College, Babar mahal. The selection was done in the presence of representatives from King’s College, UNDP, NYC, AYON, Clock B, Blink Venture, Antarprerana, Disability Human Right Promotion Centre and other like-minded organizations and members. 

In retrospect with our selection phase, the jury consisting of more than one member made the final decision of choosing the ideas fit for qualifying on the basis of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Regarding the selection, Program coordinator of SBC Mr. Sushant Rijal said “We had many difficulties to come to a valid conclusion because of the similarities in ideas but it was very amazing to see the variation in the ideas regarding the areas of impact in terms of ethnicity, gender, province, etc.”

Similarly, According to Uru Shah, representative of Blink Ventures “This screening was done in King’s college in which the participants were chosen based on  SDG’s along with the use of creativity and innovation in their business idea”.

Regardless of the difficulties, the ideas had influenced and included huge range of SDG’s which will be important to show the areas of impact that the idea will reflect and spark a light upon.

Lastly, we want to thank all the participants from Boot-camp to the participants who applied in the first place. This level of impact on the youth and SDGs was very important for National Social Business Challenge this year. This will further amplify our initial goal of entrepreneurial thinking and national development.

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