Rasana Shrestha & Suyash Shrestha

With the dream of commercializing the natural, cultural and traditional heritage of Nepal, Rasana and Suyash, the MBA graduates of King’s College, started their venture of producing luxury bath and body products and the start-up “Nuga: Essence Enterprises” was conceived. Rasana, Marketing major, having worked in the field of marketing understands what makes a product sell. Similarly, Suyash, a Finance major, has experience of handling an entire departmental store, hence, has a good knowledge of supply chain management.
Belonging to the Newar Community, the incorporation of Newari essence can be seen in everything from the Name of their company, products as well as their recipes. “Nuga:” meaning “Heart” in Newari; and according to the duo “each product is conceived and made as a gift from the heart for their customers”. Having won the Entrepreneurial Exhibition competition at Hamro Utsav, organized by King’s on 2017, the duo and their products seem promising and ones to keep an eye on.