Social Business Challenge Kicks Off

Social Business Challenge Kicks Off

These are some of the glimpses to our successful boot-camps done with the help of our partner Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) and like minded organizations. We would like to thank all the panel members present in the Boot-camps especially the participants and aspiring future entrepreneurs for their time and effort.


The workshop commenced with a panel discussion on SDG’s Goals, entrepreneurship and Government support system. The workshop was gratified by the presence of Mayor of Dhangadhi Mr. Nirpa Bahadur Odd, NYF’s and NFCC’s chairperson Mr. Puskar Ojha, NMB Bank’s regional head, UNDP’s regional head and Deputy Mayor Mrs. Sushila Mishra.


The workshop followed the panel discussion on SDG’s Goals, entrepreneurship and Government support system in the presence of Deputy Mayor Mrs.Uma Thapa Magar, Provincial head of Standard Chartered Bank and two established entrepreneurs.


The workshop was conducted in the lap of natural beauty, Surkhet with interesting insights on entrepreneurship and sustainable development programs with. Mayor Dev Kumar Subedi, Member of Parliament, regional Entrepreneurs and regional head of Annapurna post Mr. Hom Bahadur Ramjhali attended the program.


The workshop commenced in the presence of Shailee Chaudhary, Aashu Sarraf, Jai Shah, Manish sir, Sankalp ji and our esteemed Panelist in the topics of entrepreneurship and sustainable development programs. Our partners for the workshop also contributed in making this programme a huge success.

At the same time, the participants were really excited and could not wait to apply the learnings of the workshops to their advantage. They were also inspired by other panel members to grow their social business and existing support system to pursue their entrepreneurial pursuit. The numbers of youngsters interested in entrepreneurship and starting their own venture is increasing at high speed.

Workshop were conducted in joint collaboration with Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) and similar like-minded organizations. Each of the workshops in Surkhet, Nepalgunj and Dhangadhi were attended by at least 40-45 participants presenting ideas encompassing  Agriculture, Organic farming, Tourism, Animal Husbandry, Waste management, Public delivery service improvement, Herbs processing and Health sector.

Mr. Nanda Kishor Mandal, Head, Yunus Social Business Challenge center, King’s College, concluded the workshop by saying “It was inspiring to see many entrepreneurs willing to start new ventures and generate self-employment along with others”. Furthermore he pressured on seeing the aspiring entrepreneurs connecting with the relevant stakeholders such as Mayors, Members of parliament, Banks and established Entrepreneurs to explore the available support system and collaborate for co-creating jobs and economic development in the region.




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